PJ Lorenzo
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                         PJ Lorenzo
Guitarist, Saxophone, Flute, Recording Engineer, Composer
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Since 1985  - Bands:   *Anthem - Xkwisit - About Time - SkyHigh - 1-900 - RockySeven - 20 Years Later *
Who Is PJ?

For sometime PJ Lorenzo has been playing guitar in various Progressive Rock and Top 40/Rock bands in the Buffalo, NY area.   He has been nominated in the past by the Buffalo Music Awards Society for  best Pop/Rock and Rock guitarist in Western, New York 4 years in a row that he was in the running.  (During that time bands that he performed with were the multi-award winning  X-Kwisit, About Time, SkyHigh and Anthem) 
Besides playing guitar and performing, PJ enjoyed experimenting with all sorts of multi-track recording as well .
His interest in multi-track recording began at age 6 when his father introduced him to the Sony 4 channel quarter track that played an integral part of their home stereo system in 1973. "The fact that you could record a guitar on one track, and record another guitar on a different track so it sounded as if two people were playing, was absolutely amazing to me".   At the age of 17, after 12 years of wearing out 2 servo motors, 2 record/play heads, and all the tape he could find, it was then decided it was time to move on to bigger things.  From 1985-1987 he quickly learned aspects of professional 24-track recording techniques and opened up Fruit-Loop Recording Studios with high school friend and band mate Marc Fruth. (At that time Marc and PJ were shopping their band Anthem's self engineered and produced  album "Right Street, Wrong City"which got national recognition, and rave reviews in major published magazines , but received no deals) .  After 5 years of running the studio, he was then hired at Select Sound Studios where he was an Audio Engineering Instructor and  engineering the likes of Mick Fleetwood of Fleetwood Mac, Debbie Gibson, Toto, Commodores,  Cheap Trick,  Gamalon, Jesse Key, Talas, John Valby, The Scinta's and many television talents such as Bonnie Franklin and Gloria Loring, Simple Plan, New Kids on the Block, DMX, just to name a few.

30 + Years Experience

  • 30 + Years
  • Award Winning Music
  • Over 150 Recorded Original Songs
  • Progressive Rock
  • Jazz/ Fushion
  • Mastering Engineer
  • Composition